A couple of years after opening Precise Alterations Lowes corporate HQ in Mooresville NC asked Yong to open a store front inside the headquarters building to offer sewing and alterations services to over 4,000 employees. Yong provided this service for Lowes for four years. She had to end her service with Lowes to concentrate solely on Precise Alterations because it was growing and expanding at a rapid pace. In 2014 Precise Alterations was voted the best of Lake Norman for sewing and Alterations by the charlotte observer in a one time vote. Since opening Yong has altered over 1,000 wedding gowns and prom dresses. She has provided her services for countless weddings and special occasions. She has been a mainstay in the community for over 15 years her clients include local leaders’ heads of companies, Nascar teams and drivers but most importantly the members of our community in Cornelius, Lake Norman and Charlotte.

Our Store

Our store is one of the largest in the area. We have three fitting rooms so we can accommodate multiple clients at the same time. All the fitting rooms have multiple garment hooks and a bench seat for convenience. Each fitting room has a regular door that fully closes for convenience and privacy. We offer a specialized fitting room that’s one of the largest in the area its over 120 square feet. It will accommodate fitting full-sized wedding gowns and other types of formal wear. The size of the room allows for several friends or family to be in the room while the client is being fitted. The room is very cozy with plenty of ceiling light and two LED lamps it also has a large bench that sits multiple people and has two full length wall to wall mirrors. The room has regular double doors that fully close for complete privacy and are wide enough to allow easy access in and out of the room. We also offer two other large fitting rooms that are large enough for changing into all types garments comfortably and have a wall mirror and a bench seat for convenience. We have six full length wall to wall mirrors throughout the store that allows the client being fitted or trying on a garment to walk around the entire store and have a full length mirror to look in. We have a full-size bench seat in the main area of the store that accommodates several people, so clients don’t have to stand while they are waiting. We have a large carpeted stoop for standing on for fittings that helps with hemming long dresses and pants.